The Friendship Association sponsors several trips annually with the purpose of meeting with members of civil society, individuals and small, independent groups and associations; in particular artists, environmentalists, professionals, people with disabilities and individuals in urban and rural settings. Meaningful exchanges benefit both sides through better understanding of each other’s culture and customs.

Upcoming Delegations:

Birding Trips in January and March (with BirdsCaribbean):

 7-day tour in January

10-day tour in March.

The  itineraries take you to several of the best and most beautiful birding locations in Cuba, providing opportunities to see any of Cuba’s endemic species and subspecies as well as many migrants. Your guide for both trips is Ernesto Reyes Mourino, long-time BirdsCaribbean member and one of the best and most experienced guides in Cuba. You will see fantastic birds and landscapes, meet wonderful people, learn about Cuban conservation, and have an amazing time with us – guaranteed!

For more information, contact Joni Ellis or Lisa Sorenson

Studying Endemic and Endangered Fauna in Cuba

 April 9-19

For more information, contact: Soledad.

Musicians Across the Straits

 Spring – exact date to be established

The Musicians Across the Straits delegation will accompany a group of Floridiam musicians who will perform a series of concerts in Havana in support of a Cuban campaign promoting social inclusion of intellectually challenged youth.

For more information,contact: Yosi.


The Friendship Association holds an export license by the U.S. Department of Commerce to sent humanitarian goods to Cuba.

Travel is authorized by the Board of Directors of the Friendship Association only to members of the Friendship Association in function of activities that are deemed congruous to the conditions established by the authorities.

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Application to be part of a delegation to Cuba

Delegation of experts to meet with Cuban biologists and environmentalists to study migratory birds that fly over and/or nest in Cuba and/or the U.S. Time will dedicated to meaningful exchanges with biologists and ornithologists. The delegation will visit internationally recognized Important Bird Areas in the Caribbean; share bird counting techniques and discuss strategies for protecting migratory birds.

Delegation of artists to meet with Cuban artists to study traditional painting: the use of Afro-Cuban symbolism, the influence of Santeria landscape painting. There will be walking tours of the leading artists’ studios in Baracoa and other cities. Since most of the artists live on the premises of their studios, this will give the delegation the opportunity to meet the families of the artists and observe the classes held for children in their studios.

Delegation of professionals to meet with architects and preservationists to study the architecture of Cuba and to have meaningful dialogue about historic preservation. The delegation will take walking tours in important colonial cities led by a local architect who will explain the history of the town through its architecture. They will focus on the influence of indigenous dwellings on the early colonial homes to the present day. It will include the colonial defensive system – forts and outposts, eclectic, art deco’ and modernist architecture. Finally it will emphasize the efforts at historic preservation in the historic center and the devastation from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and economic neglect.

Delegation of professionals to meet with arqueologists and anthropologists to share experiences about the rich autochthonous heritage in eastern Cuba and to exchange techniques for field studies. This will include visits to the archeological museums of Baracoa and Banes, visits to archeological sites and “digs” with a prominent local archeologist and his team to see Taino burial sites and caves where Taino rituals were held.